Welcome to St. Mary's Cockerton Primary School

Click here if you’re thinking about St. Mary’s Cockerton for your child.

Click here if you’re thinking about St. Mary’s Cockerton for your child.

Welcome to the St. Mary’s Cockerton Primary School website. This website is to share the learning of the children under our care. St. Mary’s Cockerton is a place of learning where we aim to inspire and challenge our pupils academically; enrich their faith through worship and celebration; and produce well rounded children that parents and teachers are proud of.

St. Mary’s Cockerton School became a part of the Dove Academy Trust in October 2016, along with High Coniscliffe School. Together, we share one Headteacher and ethos.

We are located on the west side of Darlington in the Cockerton Village area. We are a single form entry school and accommodate around 210 children in school. As a faith school, we have a wide catchment and we take children from all around the surrounding area and we feed into all the local secondary schools.

We love our school and love to see the work and achievements of the children in our care. We work hard academically and achieve and develop out of the classroom; and are very proud of our school, the children we teach and the building that we work in and we'd love to tell you more.

If you would like to visit us or would like more information about the school, please get in touch with the school office.


1 Peter 3:8
Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.

‘Compassion’ and ‘sympathy’ have much in common and both are stronger in meaning than simply ‘feeling sorry for’ someone.

This Term we are looking at being Compassionate. The words have their roots in the idea of ‘suffering with’ someone, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and experiencing what they experience. This leads to a desire to act, to do something. It is not patronising. It is not about ‘doing good’ from a position of strength or ‘remembering those less fortunate than ourselves’. Compassion requires an act of imagination and humility to share in the lives of others. Notice the qualities that Paul links together. He says ‘clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.’ (Colossians 3:12)


Can you help our school?

Do you have a skill or interest you could share? Are you involved with a company that could sponsor some kit or equipment? Do you have knowledge of other funding streams we could access to enhance the learning of our children? Could you deliver some training or education to the staff or children? Do you have some time to support the Local Academy Council or consider becoming a Director? Click here to offer your help!

Marvellous Me

We are a Marvellous Me school! Our school uses Marvellous Me to communicate with parents, carers and grown ups at home all about the Marvellous things which your children do in class: whether it's good work, excellent behaviour, superb learning behaviours or any other positive thing! We think that our children are marvellous and we'd like to you know that! Marvellous Me is an app which you can download on your smartphone or tablet and you'll get a notification every time a grown up in school spots your child being Marvellous! If your child does not have an invite code, just speak to the School Office and we'll get you signed up!

Executive Headteacher:  Mrs Wendy Aitken

Head of School: Mr Michael Joyeux

For general queries please contact the office team, Mrs Nelson and Mrs Jones

St Mary's Cockerton School

Newton Lane



t: 01325 380758

e: admin@stmaryscockerton.org.uk

The Chair of the Local Academy Council is Rachel Grayson who can be contacted as above


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