Year 6 enjoying the end of exam week!

At the end of SATs week, the children form class 6 kicked off their shoes and filled their tums! They started off the day with some pizza making in the hall - some very creative toppings! Mr Rawlinson was working in class 3 so the children knew that we would want to join in so they made a pizza for him to try!

The children than had a special visitor at break time, the ice cream man! We all had a Mr Whippy! 

After that, we had a movie and sweet marathon and a game of football! A very relaxing and well earned break! Click on any of the pictures to enlarge the image!

Egg Decorating Contest in Class 6!

The boys and girls in class 6 had a great time with Sarah doing their egg decorating for our class competition! There were some very creative designs and some truly awful puns that went into the design and creation of the eggs! I'm very pleased with their efforts though some some were very outstanding - I won't use any egg based jokes!

Here's a sample of some of the eggs the children made! The winners will be announced shortly!

Clicking on any of the images will blow it up to full size.

Tees Barrage Trip

Last week, class 6 went to to Tees Barrage to do some fieldwork and see first hand how rivers are managed and learn about the wildlife which resides on a flood plain. 


Ryan operating the flood control switches

Ryan operating the flood control switches

Primary Maths Challenge Results

Eight of our children today attended the Primary Maths Challenge competition at Polam Hall. They were faced with several challenges including: logical puzzles, tricky calculations, problem solving and maths games! Our two teams did us proud with one team finishing second and the other finishing fifth overall - with the second place team going forward to the next round in Durham.

We are super proud of the children for their efforts and behaviour while they were representing the school. Great work and well done!

Playground Rivers

Mr Rawlinson and the children made a working model of a river in the playground and demonstrated how water moves and flows from source to sea. Your child should be able to  explain what they have learnt using the photos as a guide!

Mas Que Nada at the Civic!

Photo from the Northern Echo

Children from class 5 and 6 this week attended the town Eurovision performance at the Civic Theatre! We were very lucky to have Mrs Potts come in to help Mrs Boyce rehearse and get the children ready for the performance! The children did us proud and certainly had "Mas Que Nada" on stage! It was a superb performance!

They also performed to the children in Key Stage 1 and 2 as a dress rehearsal! Well done everyone!

Exciting Science with Mr Smith

The boys and girls from class 6 last week had the opportunity to work with and learn from a secondary science teacher, Mr Smith!

The children learnt all about the ways in which energy which can be changed from one form to another. We then learnt about how electricity is created and how fossil and renewable energy are used.

Unfortunately, we had a bit of an accident with our hydropower turbine and a few of us got soaked!!!

We then tried to build a wind turbine and we had a contest to see which turbine generated the most electricity! The winner were Jude, Jake and Ryan's turbine, although Mr Joyeux did technically win... ;-)

Class 6 attend Sports Hall Athletics

The children from class 6 attended the town sports hall athletics event this week.

Sportshall Athletics is an exciting indoor programme of adapted athletics activities - a full Olympics in a sports hall. It provides fun ways to build core skills, gain British Athletics Sportshall Awards and is renowned for its exhilarating team competitions.

Sportshall is the top school sports participation competition in the UK.

We took full teams of boys and girls and all the children took part in a range of different athletics disciplines. I was really, really proud of the children who took part, as many took part in new events and try their best! I hope the children did. Mrs Gill commented how well behaved the children were and how hard they did to try their best.

Well done SMC Y6!

We took some photos of the event but unfortunately because our children were so quick, a lot of the pictures ended up blurry!

Class 6 enjoy finding out about keeping themselves safe!

Class six spent a great day at the Work Place in Newton Aycliffe, finding out about keeping themselves safe! They attended courses by: The Fire Service, Police, Northern Electric, The RNLI, and Road Safety Team about keeping safe and learned loads about keeping themselves safe in the wider world.

If you need to know what a fire plan is; where to get free smoke detectors; who to call when someone is drowning; or how to keep safe when out and about, ask someone from class!

Here are some photos from our day!

Class 6 elect Ryan as our school councillor!

This year, the class have elected Ryan to serve as our school councillor.

One of the most obvious examples of our promotion of British Values is our use of democracy; and here at St. Marys Cockerton Primary School we take democracy very seriously! It is a key British value and central element of our everyday lives. Therefore, as a school, we have put in place a number of opportunities each year to demonstrate the democratic process of voting and the positive benefits this can bring.

Ryan will have input into many aspects of school life. As our elected representative, he will take ideas and suggestions from teachers, pupils and parents on issues such as fundraising, new school equipment and celebration events and vote on behalf of his class, in meetings with Mrs Aitken, as to what they’d like to do.