British Values Week

Last week, we focused on British Values, with a nod to the official 90th birthday celebrations for the Queen. Queen Aitken introduced elections and we all enjoyed a Great British street party style lunch on Friday. I couldn't resist a little selfie with the Queen! Throughout the week, we thought carefully about what it means to be British, being tolerant of differences and our freedom and rights as individuals! 

The Right Honourable L.J

In honour of our Queen Elizabeth's 90th birthday, we are celebrating British Values in school this week. To kick start the week, our very own Queen Aitken announced that each class would have to vote, democratically, and appoint a Class Prime Minister. It was declared that L.J would be our Class Prime Minister for the entire week! He has some special privileges too! He has rearranged the seating plan (for this week only thankfully!), agreed our extra 10 minutes from winning the attendance cup and is even nominating children for Gold Book! I'm sure L.J will take this duties very seriously and embrace the sheer importance of his position this week. Well done L.J! 

What time is it Mr Wolf?

We have been concentrating on time for the last couple of weeks in Maths, trying to become more confident in reading both analogue and digital clocks. A couple of children in the class are really confident with this however some still need regular practise. We have focused on o'clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour and now need to progress to telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. The expectations for Year 3 is that they can do this confidently and also tell the time in both 12 and 24 hour. Obviously, we will continue to look at this in school, however it is something that can definitely be embedded at home, in everyday life! By encouraging your child to tell the time independently, this all important life skill will soon become second nature.

Miss Todd

Vicious Vikings!

We have took on this new, exciting topic with gusto, 'literally!' We have produced some amazing Viking portraits which are now creating a Viking crowd on our topic display board. It's fab too because we all know who is who! During DT, we have created a range of helmets using different materials. The children thought carefully about their design and are now just at the final stages of decorating them. They will look brilliant when they are finished, I know it! It has been lovely to watch the children work creatively and to handle mistakes in a mature way, thinking how they can fix it. I have definitely noticed an improvement over the year, as the children work creatively. I keep telling them its art! Just have a go. And infact, I'm so thrilled that every single helmet is different. We have also really enjoyed learning a vicious Viking song! Hopefully, they have been rehearsing this at home! I feel a fashion show and song performance coming on :-)

Homework over the Easter Break

I have allocated lots of lovely activities on Abacus Active learn for your child to complete. Every time they complete a level, they earn rewards to spend on the site. To access the site, type in Abacus Active Learn. Your username is your name eg jessicatodd and your password is changeme. Our school code is 7wql.

Miss Todd


'I just wanted to say well done on a really lovely Dream production. The schools had obviously done a great deal of work beforehand – the language and the story telling was clear and the children obviously loved performing it. You’ve done such a great job building the cluster and I’m sure it will go from strength to strength into the Associate Schools programme.'

Fiona Clayton, Royal Shakespeare Company

The Dream Team 2016

WOW! Class 3 were absolutely fantastic today! Their performance of part of a Midsummer Night's Dream overwhelmed an audience full of parents, friends, teachers, Head teachers and even an associate from the Royal Shakespeare Company. The children absolutely shone, applying everything they have learnt over the recent weeks. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside such committed and enthusiastic children. I am incredibly proud of every single one of my delights!

It was wonderful to hear such praise and complimentary feedback from Mrs Aitken and other head teachers. Even the RSC praised our performance, impressed by such confidence from children as young as ours. 

As their teacher, these wonderful moments make all the hard work worthwhile. You, too, should be very proud. Well done.

Our visit to the Theatre Royal, Newcastle

We had a fantastic day earlier this week, as we ventured to Newcastle to work alongside actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company to help us with our impending performance. We played lots of games to help us with our stage presence, volume and dictation. The children were amazing! In fact, it was an absolute pleasure to hear from Paula, our coach, just how brilliant we are. She even said " What do you need me for?!"  She was so impressed by our children. She said their confidence, expression and conviction was incredible for children as young as they are. She worked with us on our performance and was very pleased with the end result, encouraging children to continue to work on expression and movement. That balance of trying to express character without distracting from the main scene is tricky! Keep it up! I am so proud of you all!


PS. Some of our boys had a well deserved nap on the bus home too!

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Theatre Royal Enrichment Session

Just  a little reminder that our Theatre Royal Enrichment Session with the  Royal Shakespeare Company is still set to go ahead next week on Tuesday 1st March 2016. I have had a quick glance at ParentPay and can see that some of you have contributed - Thank you! We are still awaiting contributions from a lot of the class and just wanted to make sure that everybody was reassured that the visit is still planned to go ahead. Please can everybody make  their voluntary contribution  by Friday 26th February at the latest. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the children and will really boost confidence, stage presence and to say they have had training from RSC actors... wow!

See you all soon, 

Miss Todd x

Let's Get Cooking with Class 3!

Some of the boys and girls from Class 3 have been attending the weekly 'Let's Get Cooking'after school club with Miss Walker and Mrs Carter. They have worked really well collaboratively during the sessions and are even becoming more aware of those not so nice tasks that are essential when cooking, such as washing up, drying and tidying as they go! Both Mrs Carter and Miss Walker have praised them for their collaborative work and their hands on attitudes! Over the recent weeks they have made mango chicken, ham & leek crumble, mushroom lasagne and beetroot cupcakes! The children have been very willing each week to taste their culinary delights, with some being a huge success and others not so much! The mango chicken dish proved to be a firm favourite! I thoroughly enjoyed the left over lasagne and I had it for lunch! Miss Walker is passionate about healthy cooking and has recommended the Let's Get Cooking website for lots of delicious recipes to try at home.

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Ash Wednesday

After eating all of our scrumptious pancakes, we thought carefully about Ash Wednesday. Father Kyle visited us in class and  delivered a service for the children. We talked about Lent and how, during this time we try our best to give something up, until the very important Easter celebrations. Some of the children shared what they were trying to give up and they included things like chocolate, crisps and sweets! I suppose this way, it makes Easter Sunday much more tasty and enjoyable and makes us thankful for the things that we have. We were given the choice to be blessed and have our foreheads marked with ash. Father Kyle had blessed the ashes. Christians believe that ashes are a symbol of  being sorry for our wrong doings. It is also said to be  a reminder that we all come from ashes and to ashes we will return.

Float or...flop!?

In science this week, we have been learning about floating and 'upthrust'. We were thinking carefully and curiously about why some objects sink and others float. We tested an empty plastic bottle in a huge container of water and voted on whether we thought it would sink or float! We then tried out some of the wonderful boats made by the children as part of their homework. 

We discussed this lots and recorded some lovely, scientific work in our books. I wonder how many can remember what happens with submarines?

River Poetry

For the last couple of weeks in English, we have been exploring different types of poetry. We read poems linked to rivers and performed them in class. Some of us used actions to help us to remember them. I talked to the children a lot about when they are reading poetry and how they should perform it, so thinking about their tone, intonation and expression carefully. They have all worked really hard and have been enthusiastic when performing. We have looked closely at poems and how they use figurative language to paint an image in the reader's head. We have identified features of poetry, including personification, metaphors, similes and alliteration.