Jingle all the way!

In the run up to Christmas, Class 3 were very lucky! They had their very own magical Christmas elf sent from the big man, Santa. He was fresh from Elf school and was extremely mischievous! He arrived in Class 3 with a hand written letter and it explained that we had to name him! After a vote, we all decided on Jingles! (Some of the boys thought Jingle Smells would be quite fitting!)

This cheeky little elf caused absolute chaos! Tipping chairs, ransacking reading corners, mixing up pencil cases and hiding on the top of the projector were to name just a few of his antics! The children loved it! (Myself; not so much!) 

Some days, Jingles even brought gifts for the class, like a lovely countdown to Christmas calendar and home-made fairy cakes! He challenged the children too and signed each letter with his thought of the day. Here are a few of his thoughts:

"Help a friend in need"

"Everyday there should be laughter - tell a joke!"

"Always remember you are unique and very special"

"Listen to instructions carefully and take your time."

Jingles allowed the children to really engage in their recount writing too, as each day they wrote a diary entry, recounting exactly what Jingles had been up to! We also created some lovely acrostic poems, describing him and his personality!

He also added that little bit of magic. On his last day he delivered instructions for the children to make their own magic reindeer dust, which they all brought home for Christmas Eve sprinkling!

It was a fun way for the children to end the busy term and seeing the children's faces light up each day was worth all the mayhem!