Our visit to the Theatre Royal, Newcastle

We had a fantastic day earlier this week, as we ventured to Newcastle to work alongside actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company to help us with our impending performance. We played lots of games to help us with our stage presence, volume and dictation. The children were amazing! In fact, it was an absolute pleasure to hear from Paula, our coach, just how brilliant we are. She even said " What do you need me for?!"  She was so impressed by our children. She said their confidence, expression and conviction was incredible for children as young as they are. She worked with us on our performance and was very pleased with the end result, encouraging children to continue to work on expression and movement. That balance of trying to express character without distracting from the main scene is tricky! Keep it up! I am so proud of you all!


PS. Some of our boys had a well deserved nap on the bus home too!

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