Can you offer help, your skills or something else special in school?


Dear Parents / Carers,

The Dove Multi Academy Trust is committed to being able to give our children the best start in life with a high quality, broad based education. As a Trust we seek to ensure that all our available resources are used effectively and efficiently. As you will be aware funding to schools in real terms is reducing, but being part of the Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) has given us a better financial position to ensure we continue to provide the essentials for our children.  Unfortunately, this financial squeeze does mean that resources to support a more exciting, interactive curriculum are limited. This is where you may be able to help.

Parents have consistently enhanced the formal curriculum by sharing skills, expert knowledge, listening to reading, donating goods and even on occasions professional services. Do you have a skill or interest you could share? Are you involved with a company that could sponsor some kit or equipment? Do you have knowledge of other funding streams we could access to enhance the learning of our children? Could you deliver some training or education to the staff or children? Do you have some time to support the Local Academy Council or consider becoming a Director?

If you think you have something, no matter how small, please do get in touch either by email:  /, pop into the school office or fill in the form below.

Kind regards,

The Board of Directors

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