Internet and Technology Safety Sessions

We are currently looking at providing some training and information sessions for parents around internet safety. If you would be interested in these sessions, please can you select which ones you would like to attend and

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Video Game Awareness
Session that looks at wide range of topics within video games such as age appropriate gaming and age restrictions, binge gaming, online chat and bullying.
Fake News
Session looking at Fake News its history and how and why it’s used today. As well as useful tips and information on how to spot fake news and fact check information.
Cyber Bullying
Session looking at Cyber Bullying and how it impacts upon children and young people. Session is targeted towards secondary aged pupils.
YouTube - The Good, The Bad and the Idiots
Awareness session looking at the impacts and influence YouTube has on children and young people today.
Internet Safety for Parents and Carers
Awareness session for parents and carers that looks at how children and young people use technology and the internet today. Session covers risks and dangers associated with many popular apps and websites used by children and young people. Session also explains how to use parental controls and offers useful tips on how to protect your child online within the home.