From Catherine Shaw:

As some of you may have seen there was a regional article yesterday posted on social media regarding Roblox (link below) in relation to this, here is some information and support links below to share with parents, carers and staff that can help with safe use of the app.

Sadly like all games and apps nothing is 100% safe. In the past it has had a lot of issues with various inappropriate incidents. Most of these incidents are down to users deliberately making content to upset and offend. For instance it was a bit of a craze for certain users to add tobacco adverts to games that tried to encourage children to smoke. Most of these incidents are kids and young people doing the things kids and young people will do which is get up to mischief. The same sort of people who think it’s funny to edit Pepper Pig videos on YouTube that are offensive.

Roblox state that these incidents are dealt with quickly though and taken down.

Naked characters did use to be a problem at times yes (You couldn’t see any genitals or anything though) but last June Roblox added software to its system that makes sure that all characters are dressed appropriately. If a user for instance tries to walk around with no pants on it automatically adds them.

Yes you can chat and add friends but all of this can be controlled by parents enabling parental controls.

Roblox appears to be one of the better companies for filtering keywords out during chat and I read a good article that they are leaders in the industry for developing safe chat and controls etc.

The recommended age for Roblox is 8+ and parents should be signing up their children and enabling parental controls but sadly we know a lot of parents don’t follow guidelines set out by the companies themselves. Roblox are very open about parental controls and keeping children safe. I would say from what I’ve seen on their website they take it seriously.

Here’s another link from Roblox website that goes over parental controls