Doki Doki

An email from the Darling RESH Coordinator that we received that I thought it would be worth sharing.

Afternoon Everyone

You may be aware of some media and social media coverage or sharing concerns related to Doki Doki

In response to this you might find the information and links below useful.

Doki Doki is a Japanese style horror/dating game based on some popular manga books. The game has you interacting with some female characters who you are trying to date. Initial investigation highlights that the game starts off ok and then slowly turns into horror  and the story line involves suicide.

The game does come with this warning but has been criticised for not having the warning more prominent:  

“This game is not suitable for children or those easily disturbed. Individuals suffering from anxiety or depression may not have a safe experience playing this game.”

There is lots of reviews online and lots of links to other Doki Doki games and books and animations and yes while it isn’t for children the art style is your typical manga and anime which lots of children are into.  

Here is a review

Here is a very interesting article about the how the game covers suicide

YouTube again has many, many videos of people playing it and you can see adults reacting with distress when they see the suicide so I can imagine a child or  young person being very disturbed by the content and ever more so if they have EHWB issues.

Anime and manga can be very dark and very, very adult in content with graphic sex  and violence.

There is some links identified with young people who are socially isolated and maybe experiencing EHWB or mental health issues as they  relate to it and therefore become highly involved. Although not all young people who engage in this type of game play have these issues. 

Please be mindful the urging parents / carers to delete it or ban it will be unlikely to work and potentially cause conflict as with other games and social networks or apps, parents and carers need to be properly informed and aware on the game play and how to best manage this safely then encouraged to take time to talk to their children about it and similar other games/content. They need to be supported in order to make the effort to find out what it is their children are playing, accessing or watching other people play or access online. 

Remember websites like:

And you can also signpost and access support from O2 Gurus: book a slot online or call into a store (you don’t need to be an o2 customer) and they can support

Many thanks