You may be aware of the recent article in the Northern Echo that warned parents about a popular YouTube character called Jeffy.

Here is some more detailed information about Jeffy.

What and who is Jeffy-

Jeffy the puppet is a popular character from the SuperMarioLogan universe of YouTube channels. The channels and videos have been around for over 10 years and are nothing new. The video content features popular plush toys from the Super Mario universe along with other plush toys, dolls and puppets acting out a variety of stories. These stories are often rude, offensive and bizarre in nature. The humour is very similar to what you would see in the popular TV adult cartoon show Family Guy or the movie Ted. The content in the videos feature a lot of toilet humour, use very explicit and offensive language which is often sexual in nature. The humour is often racist in content and uses a lot of racial stereotypes for some of its other characters. Some of the videos feature rude songs that are often repeated by children and young people.

The Channel is aimed at adults and it states on its homepage that the content is for a mature audience. In 2018 the people behind the channel added age restrictions to its videos to try to prevent children from watching them.

Jeffy who was introduced to the channel around 2016 is portrayed as a character with learning difficulties who often acts very inappropriately using offensive and sexually explicit language. He is easily recognisable as he always wears a blue helmet, a nappy outside his pants and normally has a pencil shoved up his nose.

Despite being targeted towards adults Jeffy has been a very popular character with children and young people for a long while now. You can even buy Jeffy dolls and t-shirts on Amazon and many other retail stores and despite the adult content in the videos the t-shirts sizes start from age 5 and up.

Over the years stories about Jeffy and the negative influence he can have on children have popped up in national and local newspapers across the world and despite this his popularity has grown. His  video channel on YouTube has over 6 million followers from around the world. Jeffy’s most popular video has over 40 million views.

Jeffy is not going to go away anytime soon in fact Jeffy the movie is currently being made which will only lead to a further increase in popularity.

What can you do –

YouTube features millions of different videos and a lot of the content is not suitable for children. YouTube is also very difficult to moderate and as a result a lot of content that isn’t suitable for children often does not get flagged. You also need to be aware that content that has age restrictions on it are often copied and uploaded by other users without the age restrictions in place.

Parents and carers need to realise that not all content on YouTube is suitable for children and parental controls need to be put in place to prevent children from watching inappropriate content.  However the best parental controls in the world can’t stop everything. Ideally primary age children should be supervised at all times when using YouTube to prevent them from watching inappropriate content such as Jeffy.