Internet Safety

Top five e-safety tips for using the internet at home

  •  Have family rules about how the internet will be used at home and be clear about what information is safe to share online.
  •  Discuss rules about making and meeting online friends.
  •  Make sure you know what your children are doing online much like you would in “real” life and use parental controls (on computers, mobile phones and games consoles) to help you. Remember that these cannot always be 100% effective.
  •  Make sure that your children are awarethat people or websites can lie online.
  •  Make sure your child understands that online actions can have offline    consequences.

Who are Internet Matters?

Internet Matters is a not-for-profit organisation working with online safety experts to bring you all the information you need to keep your children safe online.

We aim to bring you

  • Advice on important e-safety issues
  • News and advice from industry experts
  • Guidance on setting parental controls and filters
  • Reviews on the latest technology and apps

This is a really useful site to help you protect your children on the internet.

Click on the below link to visit their website.

Internet Matters

Here is a handy resource you may find useful. It has links to appropriate websites to report concerns you may have over online safety and security.

There are also some useful tips and hints about how to keep yourself and your children safe online

Internet Safety Guides

In order to stay safe online, have a look at some of this safety guides to popular web services:

General Web Useage