Ofsted Report


The school was subject to a Section 8 inspection carried out by Her Majesty’s Inspector, Fiona Manuel, on 9th May 2019. You can read her letter to the Executive Headteacher by clicking here

We are a Good school! The inspector has given us invaluable advice to build on our strengths - all of which we had already identified and are working towards achieving.

We are immensely pleased that she identified that the school is in a very strong position to continually look to improve as the relationships and ethos we have is so strong. One of opening paragraphs has made us all particularly proud:

‘You have prioritised the care, well-being and happiness of staff and pupils. The effects of your work in this regard are evident from the moment you enter the well-maintained, extremely attractive site. As one parent put it, ‘school constantly has a warm, welcoming and positive feel’. Pupils I spoke with during the inspection said that they enjoy school. Those who responded to Ofsted’s survey said that they respect people from other backgrounds and treat others equally. This means that pupils contribute well to the friendly atmosphere. Staff enjoy working here and feel valued. Your desire to treat people with dignity and kindness is tangible.’

She also recognised that we are on a journey and what we are doing is ‘beginning to bear fruit. In 2018, in key stage 2, pupils’ outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics rose substantially compared with those in 2017. This picture of steady improvement over time is also evident in current pupils’ progress and work.’

Relationships are so important and we were delighted that she discovered this too in just one day,

‘You have worked tirelessly to secure a positive ethos and to improve communication between leaders, staff, parents and carers. Staff are proud to work here. They are appreciative of your belief in them and the training and development opportunities that you have provided. Parents who responded to Parent View, Ofsted’s online survey, feel that ‘staff are approachable and always there for parents’, ‘any concerns are resolved effectively’ and ‘communication is good’. Strengthened home and school partnerships are noticeably blossoming.’

While we are already working on the areas she identified as a priority, we will prepare a specific post-Ofsted action plan to clearly show how we are taking these next steps.