Parents’ Evenings 

Parents Evenings for this term will be on Wednesday 16th October and Wednesday 23rd October.  The purpose of the evenings is to allow you to view your child’s work and to meet with class teachers to discuss progress.  Due to the number of pupils in each class, appointments are likely to be limited to around 5/10 minutes.  If there is a specific concern which you wish to discuss at length, it is advisable to contact your child’s teacher before the evening as a separate appointment may be required.  The attached slip should be completed and returned to the teacher of your eldest child as soon as possible so that appointments can be issued.  We prefer that children are not brought on the evenings, but where this cannot be avoided please ensure you bring them something to do and supervise them at all times.

We will both be available throughout each evening if there is anything you would like to discuss with us.  Please remember however that you are welcome to approach us or class teachers at any time in the year to discuss your child’s academic progress or any matter concerning their welfare.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Joyeux & Mrs Aitken


Please tick the boxes beside all the times you are available. Appointment times will be entered and the form will be returned to you.

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Wednesday 16th October
Wednesday 23rd October 2019