The first meeting of 2016

We looked through the slips in all the suggestions boxes and recorded them to work through at future meetings. The first thing we will look at is the school's Food Policy as a lot of comments are about dinnertimes.

We made a sign for the staffroom inviting teachers inviting them to put slips in a staff suggestion box that we made before Christmas.

At our next meeting we are going to invite Sarah to come and talk to us about Young Carers as we would like our school to understand what this means and to be able to support anyone who has this role.


  • Mrs Aitken to put letter and suggestion box in the staffroom
  • Alfie to invite Sarah to our next meeting (Friday 8th January @ 10.30am)
  • Jack to update the next meeting sign

Meeting 02.12.15

Decisions made:

  1. To make a suggestion box for the staffroom
  2. To make a display for Young Carers
  3. Ryan is Chairperson
  4. We will review all suggestion slips received so far and draw up a plan of action

Miss Aitken has promised to remember to finish the School Council display and make a sign that Eve will complete each week with the date and time of the next meeting.

Meeting 27.11.15

Today we completed our blurbs for the website

Then we reviewed the suggestion box slips - we will talk more about these next week:

  • a bigger climbing wall
  • more toys to play with outside
  • longer breaktimes
  • more mad about ladybird books

We are going to have a noticeboard where we can put up the date of the next meeting so no-one forgets - Mrs Aitken will make it and Eve will keep it up to date.

Meeting 20.11.15

Each class now has a suggestion box and the council members will be explaining how they will work.

Three slips had already been posted which the Council will start looking at immediately. These are to do with playtime activities, Reward Days and learning spaces.

At the next meeting we will have our photos taken for class and corridor displays.

Our first meeting - 16.11.15

At our first meeting we had to sort out our membership. Democracy is very important to us all and in Class 3 two children drew on class votes votes - 13 each! We had to decide what would be the most democratic way to sort this out since there was just one representative from every other year. After a lot of discussion we decided that each class should have 2 members so our next meeting will be double the size.

We all agreed to make a suggestion box for each class and write a blurb about ourselves so that everyone can get to know us a little more.