Holocaust Memorial Service

Mrs Aitken, Georgia and Oliver from High Coniscliffe attended this annual ceremony at the Dolphin Centre. The children had the honour of reading at the service which included life stories from Holocaust survivors, dance, poetry, readings and prayers. A moving occasion and an opportunity to share the importance of learning from the past and the message behind the theme for this year - don't stand by.

Georgia read this statement as recounted by Hillel Goldberg in the 'Review of Israeli Life'

'There was one non-Jewish peasant woman. I do not know her name. I do not know her face. But she helped my mother save two children. There was a work camp. And the wire fence. On that day my mother could not bribe. On that day she had no choice. She could not bribe. If she left us in the barracks, they would take us away. And she had to go to work. No choice. She handed her children through the fence to one peasant woman…. My sister and I are here. That means the peasant lady kept us for whatever length of time and then returned us to our mother.'