Go Run for Fun 2016: St. Mary's Cockerton get muddy and sweaty!

On Thursday, the children attended the Darlington "Go Run for Fun 2016", which was a non competitive running event. We had almost fifty children take part in the 2km event, which is designed to get children involved in exercise and encourage them to take up running.

We did a massive lap around a very muddy, Eastbourne field. While it wasn't a race, it turned into one amongst the year six children and Sam almost caught in the hare, finishing as the third place runner!

It was a great event and the children who took part had lots of fun! Some even said they enjoyed it! If any of the children would like to continue running or take up athletics, there is the local parkrun, which is held in the South Park every Saturday at 9am. Alternatively, speak to Mr Joyeux about the athletic's clubs in the area.

Here are a selection of photos from the event! Click on any of the photos to enlarge them!